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We provide non-profit services like fundraising, grant writing, and social services with our experienced staff.

In the garden of humanity, every flower blooms with a unique brilliance. The BEC Wellness Foundation nurtures these blossoms with beauty, education, and culture, believing that together, they compose the most exquisite bouquet of human flourishing.

Philanthropic Excellence

Our non-profit organization is dedicated to providing top-notch philanthropic services. With a team of experienced staff, we are committed to making a difference in our community. Our services include effective fundraising strategies, professional grant writing, and comprehensive social services. We believe in the power of generosity and strive to create a positive impact through our work. Our mission is to support those in need and foster a culture of giving back. Join us in our journey towards creating a better world.

Saidy Oliveros

My name is Saidy Maury Oliveros, born in the vibrant city of Barranquilla, Colombia, a place known for hosting the world’s second most important carnival. As a joyful, hardworking, and dream-driven woman, I’ve dedicated my life to the fields of social communication, journalism, dance, and the arts. With specializations in investigative and organizational journalism as well as in body expression and stage projection, I have always been passionate about interacting with others, sharing knowledge, and teaching.

My faith in God is central to my life, guiding me alongside the love of my family and friends. I value sincerity and despise hypocrisy, always striving to be just, noble, and sensitive to others’ needs. My journey brought me to a country that welcomed me with open arms 12 years ago, where I met my supportive Mexican husband and together raised a resilient and intelligent daughter.

I am the CEO of MISS BELLEZA MEXICO USA and MISS BELLEZA INTERNACIONAL UNIVERSO, initiatives that empower and lead Latin women in our community towards self-improvement and talent discovery. These platforms go beyond traditional beauty contests, offering opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Additionally, I hold the position of CEO of the Barranquilla Carnival in Houston, an event that celebrates our rich cultural heritage and brings the joyous spirit of my hometown to a global audience. Through these roles, I aim to foster environments where women can thrive, embrace their identity, and pursue their dreams, showcasing the depth and diversity of beauty.

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Our experienced staff are dedicated to providing exceptional service, using their expertise to drive success in the non-profit and philanthropic sector.


We specialize in fundraising, using innovative strategies to secure funds for non-profit organizations.

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Our grant writing service is designed to help non-profits secure funding. We have a team of expert grant writers who know how to craft successful proposals.

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